With over 53% of mobile phones in the United States now being smart phones, mobile apps will soon become the communication vehicle of choice and as crucial to a the overall success of any sports organization as its website is right now.

A well-designed app allows coaches, players and parents to stay up-to-date with the latest news about your event or club, see interactive maps and get turn-by-turn directions to field locations, receive schedule updates and time-sensitive information, and even watch videos from your tournament’s, club’s or team’s YouTube channel.

But one of the of the most popular features of mobile apps comes from their ability to deliver push notifications. Event organizers can send text messages instantly to literally hundreds, possibly thousands of participants any time there is time-sensitive information that needs to be conveyed – from a last minute field change cause by weather, to an impromptu special offer at a sponsoring restaurant.

If your organization or event doesn’t have its own mobile app, our guess is it won’t be long before your customers start asking why not.

Our apps are available in Android, iPhone and iPad formats and are available free of charge from the Google Play and iTunes App stores, respectively. So why not look around our site, get your creative juices flowing, and contact us if you to like us to help you develop an app for you.