What features can I get in a mobile app built by Gameday Mobile Marketing?

  •  Instant connections to Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and most other social networks.
  • Turn-by-turn directions to your fields and other key locations at the touch of a button.
  • In-app directory of services, products, staff and instant email, text, and phone connects to all staff and locations.
  • Push notifications.
  • GPS activated coupons and notifications
  • Customer and Employee surveys
  • Instant connections to your mobile-optimized website (website work is at an additional cost).

 How much does an GAMEDAY Mobile app cost?

  • It depends on the features you want, the number of pages of information, and the artwork you have, but we can typically develop your app for between $990 and $1,490.  This price includes submission to BOTH Apple and GooglePlay for approval.   Monthly license fee is $99.

 Are there additional costs to keep the app in the Apple and GooglePlay stores?

  • No. The monthly fee covers maintaining your app and keeping it in the store. It also covers the cost of our custom interface through which you can add content and update your app. We do offer services for updating your app content if you want to leave it to the pros.

Can I charge users to download my app?

  • We do not recommend you do this. Almost 95% of apps across iTunes and GooglePlay are now free to download. If you are selling products or services, we can create a connection to an optimized website that will allow you to charge for them. We also recommend selling sponsorhips to local businesses who can be featured within the app. Many of our clients are able to completely fund the development of their app (and then some) by selling these types of sponsorship packages.

 How long does development take?

  • We can typically provide you with a working prototype of your app within four weeks after you provide us with the content and art you want included in the app. From approval to publication is about 3-4 weeks.

 I don’t have high-resolution artwork. Can you take what I have and create the app with it?

  • Probably. We might need to create art based on what you have and there may be a nominal charge for that.

 I’m not sure of the functionality I need. Can you help me decide?

  • Sure. We’ve developed a lot of apps and, unlike most developers, we specialize in sports, so we know a thing or two about what kinds of features you’ll need. We’ll add all the appropriate functionality and present a working app for your approval. You can delete any functions you don’t want. You can also add functions but do bear in mind that doing so may incur additional cost.

 What information do I need to provide Gameday Mobile Marketing?

  • Provide us with any editable text file (MS Word or similar) for all your content. Work with our reps to determine the needs of your club or tournament. Give us the art for the app. We’ll do the rest. If your website contains most of the language you want, we can pull it right from there…

 Can I update the content on my app or do I pay you to do it?

  • Yes. Once the app is published, we will give you a password-protected, custom user interface and you can change content on your app any time you want. If you like, you can hire us on a project-by-project basis or on a retainer basis to update your content for you.

 Will you upgrade my app when you add new functionality? How much will upgrades cost?

  • We will upgrade your app.  Most app upgrades are free. If there is an extra charge, we’ll let you know it and you can make the choice.

 Do I need an Apple Developer Account? GooglePlay account?

  • No.  We’ll publish your app under our developer accounts.

 What if you don’t currently provide the functions I need?

  • Our app solutions work for most sporting events and clubs, but if you need a custom-built app, we can help you with that as well.  We have access to dozens of experienced, reputable custom app developers and we’ll get you a custom quote for additional work you might need done.